Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Bulk lodgement of instruments of transfer

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With a view to facilitate preparation of transfer instruments for bulk transfer of shares particularly in the case of financial institutions, mutual funds and foreign institutional investors, the department of company affairs has simplified the procedure of transfer deeds in respect of the bulk transfers, in which there are a few transferees but the number of shares may be quite large and the transferors are also several persons. The companies are advised to accept transfer deeds in the manner specified below:

  • The transferees may fill up and sign a covering transfer deed complete in all respects, containing the total number of shares and the number of certificates involved and enclose all the related transfer deeds in the usual format;
  • The covering transfer deed shall contain by way of annexure details of distinct numbers and corresponding serial numbers;
  • The individual transfer deeds forming part of the covering transfer deed need not to be signed by the transferee but may be stamped with the name and address of the transferee;
  • The covering transfer deed may contain the stamp for all the shares involved.
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