Monday, 19 June 2017

Company registration in tirupur

company registration in tirupur

Names of companies being dissolved or already dissolved:

The proposed name which is identical with or which closely resembles the name of a company under dissolution will not be allowed. Further a similar treatment will be given for a period of two years even in respect of the name of a company which has been dissolved as the court could declare the dissolution void within the said period under section 559. Further, as a company dissolved under section 207 can be revived before the expiry 20 years, the availability of the name of such a company shall be governed as per the procedure laid down by the department of company affairs which is stated below.
The registration of a proposed name which is identical with or closely resembles the name of the company dissolved under section 560 will not be allowed for a period of 5 years. During the next five years of the name may be allowed subject to the condition that the name will be changed in the case of revival of the dissolved company. The proposed name based on the dissolved company will be available without any condition after ten years.

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