Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Company registration in tirupur

company registration in tirupur

Importance of secretary:

In ancient times, the term "secretary" applied solely to the officer who conducted correspondence for the king, but in modern times the duties and functions of a secretary have become wide and varied and he no longer resembles his ancient counterpart. Not only are there company secretaries, but secretaries are also appointed by instituting like clubs, trade and  professional associations, cooperative societies, local bodies, etc, his duties range from conducting all correspondence, keeping all record and accounts, writing of minutes to acting as public relations office of the employer.

In modern times, the secretary has become almost an indispensable person in trade, industry, and other social institutions. Any organisation from a sports club right up to the state cannot think of managing its affairs without appointing a secretary. However, the importance and nature of the functions of a secretary differ from organisation to organisation.

The importance of a secretary is specially felt in the business world since the business organisations have to abide by certain legal requirements. The secretary is entrusted with the responsibility for due compliance with all such legal formalities. The secretary also acts as the company's spokesperson between the management and the staff as well as the outsiders and the shareholders.

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