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Company registration in Tirupur

Company registration in Tirupur

Tirupur,company registration

Requirements for conversion of a company registered under section 8 into a company of any other kind

The company which  need to be converted under section 8 into a company of any other kind shall pass a special resolution at a general meeting for approving such conversion.
 The notice convening the general meeting with the descriptive statement shall producing in detail the reasons for such conversion including the following-
  •  the date of incorporation of the company which is need to converted
  • the principal objects of the company as defined in the memorandum of association
  • if the main objects of the company are need to be altered, shall mention the reasons for alteration.
  •  the privileges currently enjoyed by the company,such as tax exemptions,approvals for receiving donations or contributions including foreign contributions,land and another immovable properties,that were acquired by the company at appropriate rates , and the price that was paid by the company and the details of any donations  received by the company with conditions attached to their utilization
  • details of impact of the proposed conversion on the members of the company including details of any benefits that may accrue to the members as a result of the conversion.  
  •  In along with the fee ,a certified true copy of special resolution along with the copy of the notice convening the meeting including the descriptive statement shall be filled with the registrar .
  • The company shall file an application in with the Regional director with fee along with a certified true copy of the special resolution and the copy of the notice and   descriptive statement for approval for conversion.
  •  Also the company shall  give the proof of the notice served to all the authorities mentioned in sub-rule(2) of the rule 22.
  • A copy of the application with extends as filed with the Regional Director shall filed with the Registrar.
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