Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Role of company secretary

Generally speaking, the secretary role is three-fold, viz., as a officer of the statutory as a co-coordinator and as an administrative officer if so authorized,. Similarly the company secretaries responsibilities extends not only to a company, but also to its shareholders, creditors, depositors, consumers, employees government and society.

The relevant pronouncements judicial give the scope picture and the company role secretary ambit . However neither the laws nor the definition case can give the real and the company secretary true position in the hierarchy of any company. We have seen already that this role varies in companies that are different.
The role of a company secretary may be studied conveniently from three angles that are different.
a, as a co-ordinator,
b, as a statutory officer,
c, as an administrative officer.

Statutory officer.
The company secretary is a responsible officer for compliance with numerous requirements that are legal under acts that are different including the Companies Act, 1956 to companies as applicable. Under the companies Act, 1956 he is responsible for the duties performance of a secretary and such ministerial other and duties administrative as may be to him assigned. However the 1956 companies Act, has not defined the secretary functions but has fixed specifically fixed the statutory secretary responsibilities for compliance with the requirements that are legal under the provisions of the Act.

The responsibility of secretary has increased also as he has particularly been specified by the companies (Amendment) Act, 1988 to be and default officer along with bracketed the managerial personnel and is liable by way of imprisonment to punishment, otherwise or fine for the provisions violation of the companies Act which hold "officers in default" liable.

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