Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Capital structure of the Company.

The issued, subscribed authorized and paid-up capital of the company issuing;

The issue Terms:

a, IDRs issue holders against the securities underlying;
b, The prospectus availability details and forms, i.e., time, date, place etc.,
amount and the seeking payment mode issue of IDRs and 
any tax benefits that are special for the Issuing Company and the IDRs holders in India.

Issue Particulars.

The issue objects;
 the Project cost, if any, and
the means of the projects financing if any including the promoters contribution.

Company Project and management--

a, the main objects present company business and history
b, the promoters or the group of the p-arent or the group of the owner and their background.
Given that in case there are no promoters identifiable, the names, other particulars and addresses as may be indicated by the securities and Exchange board of India of all the persons who hold five per cent or equity share capital that are more of the company shall be disclosed.

the subsidiaries of the company, if any;
the Board or management particulars (i.e. Name and address(es) that are complete of  Manager, Director, Managing Director or other company officers principles.

The project location, if any;
the plants details and machinery, infrastructure details technology etc wherever applicable.
the schedule of the project implementation and made progress so far if applicable.
the products nature, industrial users, consumer(s);
the legal particulars, other defaults and financial, if any;
the factors of the risk as perceived to the issue;
The merchant Bankers consent, Overseas custodian bank, the Depository Domestic and all other associated intermediaries with the IDRs issue and all other associated intermediaries with the IDRs issue; and
the information, as may be indicated by the Securities and Exchange Board of India in accordance of the listing, trading record or history of the company issuing on all the exchanges of the stock whether located in its parent country or elsewhere.

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