Monday, 8 July 2019

Cost of company registration – Private limited company registration

Company registration is the most popular kind of business entity. Forming a business it not a difficult task. The business should be filed under the right sector. The cost of registering your company will differ in so many factors. One of the chief factors is the authorized share capital for registering your private limited company. For registering the private companies, the cost and the requirements will be lesser. 

Cost of company registration will increase in the authorized share capital. The cost of company filing will depends on the factors such as,
·         Initial authorized share capital
·         Number of directors
·         Stamp duty
·         Fee charged by the company secretary.
The company registration will be impossible without the help of chartered accountant. Where ever you register your private limited company, the first three factors will be same. Only the cost difference will be in the stamp duty. The major difference in the cost of a private limited company will depend on the professional fee that a chartered accountant will charge you.
Cost of registering on each stages:
Getting DSC:
Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) is the most important measure of company registration. Without DSC you cannot file a single form through online. In India you can get a DSC with 2 years validity by paying an amount of Rs. 1500 to Rs. 2, 000 approximately.
Getting DIN:
Applying for a DIN is the first step for registration your company. Followings are the cost involved in getting DIN;
·         DIN application fee – Rs. 500 per DIN
·         Professional fee for DIN application by a Company Secretary.
Getting your Company Name approved:
Cost of getting your private limited company name approved from Ministry of corporate affairs will cost Rs. 1, 000 only.
Registering your private limited company:
This is the final step for private limited company registration. Following costs are involved at this stage of company registration process; Fee for MOA, AOA, Form INC7, Form INC22, and Form DIR12. You can view cost details in MCA website by entering the authorized share capital amount of your company.
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