Why to Register a company in Tirupur ? If you are ready to register a start-up or a new company in India, you need to record it in Indian official records i.e. Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA). No one needs to visit a corporate office for registration as they may be sitting at home. Registration includes filing for Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), Director Identity Number (DIN) and e-form.

About the Companies Act, 2013

The Companies Act, 2013, passed by Parliament, received the assent of the President of India on August 29, 2013. The Act unifies and amends the law relating to companies. Notice has been given in the Official Gazette dated 30th August, 2013 on Companies Act, 2013. Some of the provisions of this Act have been implemented by the notification published on September 12, 2001. The provisions of the Companies Act, 1666 are still in force.

Documentation required- for the company registration process

Promoters who intend to become a director in a company must apply for a Director’s Identification Number (DIN), and therefore must have a permanent account number (PAN) and a digital signature certificate. The DIN application (DIN1 form) is available on the website – www.mca.gov.in. Shareholders can apply for DIN online as it is a convenient way to upload and attach the required documents for online company registration.

After receiving the DIN, the directors must apply for the availability of the company’s proposed name in the ROC. Shareholders must fill up the MCA-21 form (available on the portal www.mca.gov.in). Upon receipt of confirmation on the name, the proposed company must be included within 6 months; otherwise, the name must be renewed by paying a fee.

Form 1: Application for availability or change of company name is declared in Form 1. Once you apply for a new company name, the MCA (Municipal Authority) suggests four different forms, you have to choose the most suitable one from them. Options. Promoters can download this form from the website www.mca.com.

Form 18:One must disclose the official office fee address for your new e-commerce mercer establishment in Form 18, which you can collect from your local municipal office or download from the website www.mca.com for online company registration.

Form 32: For a new e-commerce company, Form 32 announces the appointment of new directors, managers and secretaries. For convenience download the form from www.mca.com or visit your local municipal office fee for online company registration in tirupur.

After submitting these forms, once the application has been approved by the municipal authority, you will receive a confirmation email confirming successful inclusion in your store, and the status of the form will change to “Approved.”

Company registration consultants in Tirupur do the following process to registration

Step 1: Fill out the application to get the Directors Identification Number (DIN); It hardly takes a day to get it from a government authority.

Step 2: Apply for Digital Signature of Directors of Proposed Private Limited Company (Pvt. Ltd.) in India.

Step 3: Apply to the Respective Registrar of the company (ROC) for approval in the name of the company.

Step 4: Once the name is confirmed, now fill the application for registration of the company at the same ROC of the state, where the company is headquartered. In addition, members of the company must be prepared with legal documents such as Memorandum Association f Association and Article Association f Association, proof of identity and residential proof of stakeholders.

Step 5: Apply for VAT at Business Tax Office through Business Tax, through Business Tax at Business Tax Office, both of these identification codes you will receive in a few days.

Step 6: Apply for Provident Fund (PF) with the concerned Provident Fund Organization. In the process you need to submit the required documents of the employees.

Step 7: Company registration consultants in Tirupur register the employee with the State Insurance Corporation for medical insurance. If your employees meet with an accident on the job, the plan will take care of medical expenses on behalf of the company. Submit the required documents of the employees to the regional office.

Step 8: Once all approvals are completed, apply for a company affiliation certificate.

This is the final step in establishing a business. This includes entering the name of the company, recording the address of the office fee, notice for appointment of company director, manager and secretary and disclosure of salary structure of the employees.

Benefits of company registration in Tirupur

When registration is done through Company registration consultants in Tirupur there are various benefits.

Separate legal entity: The Company is separate from the owners of the company. This means that the company exists by the rule of law and can end with the power of law. Not related to the lives of company owners. Owners may exit, but the company lasts forever.

Free transfer of ownership: In case of ownership, there is no option to transfer the business and all business related documents to another person as all the registration is with the name of the proprietor. To know more on private limited company registration in chennai, click here. But in the case of a company it is possible and easy to transfer the shares of the company, and the person owning the shares of the company is the real owner of that company. Transfer of shares by simultaneous transfer of share deed and payment to another person. However there is a slight restriction on the transfer of shares of a private limited company

Company Limited Liability:The proprietors have unlimited liability in every business type. If there happens any damage to the business, the owners there are also liable to pay damages to an outsider of the business from personal property. The amount that the company is responsible for to outsiders can be received from the company, which means that no one can claim their money from the shareholders or the director of the company.However in case of fraud but after the director or shareholders of the company the amount of loss will be taken from the specific director or shareholder.

Borrowing capacity: A company can enjoy a better way to borrow funds. It can issue debentures, is also secure and unsecured and can also accept people’s deposits, etc. Banking and financial institutions prefer to provide large financial support to a company rather than partnership payments or ownership concerns.

Ability to sue and sue: To sue means that the company can sue any person for their rights just like any other person; a company that is an independent legal entity can claim in its own name and can also be sued. To know more about company registration in tirupur, click here.